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We have compiled industry leading online notary education classes. You can access all course material from the comfort of your home or office and learn everything you need to know to pass the exam.


We know you’re anxious to get the class completed and receive your completion certificate. We offer same-day notary class completion certificates so that you have what you need to take your notary exam right away.


We are certified by the California Secretary of State. This means our notary classes not only teach you everything you need to know , but that they pass all California state requirements and needs too.

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Super friendly and helpful notary, located very centrally if you're near Fidi or SOMA. After a quick call to confirm she could take care of my needs, I was in and out of the building within minutes. Note: she works at a small kiosk towards the back of the lobby. When you enter the building, the security guard will know exactly who you're talking about if you mention you're there for Pamela.
This lady is located right in the lobby of the 44 Montgomery office building. She is quick and efficient. Standard rates for her services.We needed a witness for a signature as well as a notary. There were none available there, but we made it work. TImely, straightforward. That's all I want. And that's what I got. Perfect. Recommend for convenience and quick service.
She's very friendly and efficient. I need my SSN and ID notarized and I'm done within 5 minutes. She's very straight to the point. She told me what needs to be done, and she does it. I don't know what the market price is but it sure is below what I thought it would cost. Pamela is excellent and efficient! Luckily I'm conveniently located across the street from her office so is nice.

In-app Customer Support

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Always Fight Back When Charged with DUI

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